Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We Have Puppies!

I have pretty much ignored my blog since I started to post of Facebook.  I decided I really should start again to write on my blog.  I've been feeling a bit guilty. 

We had puppies on 9-10-11.  These guys are out of my "Jamie"  Lacewood Jamaican Moonrise and are sired by "Kyle"  Ch. Aynsworth Dreams Do Come True.  They were born by c-section at about 10 PM on Saturday Sept 10th.  It was a very stressful time.  Jamie dropped her Temperature Friday morning and had a very uncomfortable night Friday night.  She didn't actually have hard contractions until about 2 PM on Saturday.  It took an hour of contractions and she ruptured her membranes about 3 PM.  She continued contractions until 5 PM when she ruptured more membranes.  Then she pretty much didn't have that many contractions.  She would have a couple of contractions and then nothing.  By about 8 PM I was concerned that her contractions were not often enough or hard enough to deliver her babies.  I talked to my vet and we agreed to give her until 9 PM and if she wasn't having more labor by then I would meet him at his office and he would check her.  I had already done an internal exam and could not feel babies at all.  So we got to his office by 9 PM he was a little later, maybe 9:15.  He checked her and could not feel a puppy either.  We decided to take them c-section.  He handed the first puppy to me and it was floppy and not breathing.  I could hear a heartbeat on her, but I wasn't getting much response.  He handed the second puppy to my husband and he was doing pretty good.  He handed puppy number 3 to me and I was working on the two girls.  The blue girl (born last) was doing alright, but I was still not getting much response from the black girl.  I listened to her heart again and her heart rate was about 20 by now.  She was taking a gasping breath now and again, but no tone and not much sign of life.  My vet stopped working on Jamie and brought a shot of adrenalin and placed that in her cord.  It was like a miracle.  She was breathing and crying within 2 minutes of receiving that shot and has been just as healthy as the other puppies since that moment.  I don't think she would have survived without that shot.  
She is really very cute and I am so glad that she survived.  She is thriving and healthy.  It is pretty miraculous to see how fast she was alive with good tone and vital signs.  I think that there were two puppies, one in each horn trying to come at the same time and neither one could make it into the birth canal.  I'm grateful that we have modern medicine and that the puppies and their dam are both healthy and happy. 
Jamie is being a great mom.  It took her a little while to figure out that she loved these little aliens that she woke up with, but after about 12 hours she loved them and she has only gotten better with time. 
This is the blue girl, born last

 This is the black boy. 

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