Monday, November 24, 2008

In the Beginning

I guess there needs to be a beginning for everything. I have sworn since the first day that I learned the word blog that I would never do one, but you know how it is when you use the word "Never" in a sentence, it is a sure thing that the comos will try to prove you wrong.

I started this a week ago or so and I got my first "blog" all written out. I decided that since everyone else is so good at making their blogs beautiful that I would try to add a picture to mine as well and make it look beautiful. Only thing is that when I added the picture it dropped the words. That pretty much did it, I was too frustrated to continue so I gave up. Well today Shannalee asked me why I hadn't done any more than put a background on my blog so I decided that maybe I would write something.

I have to admit that it is a little intimidating to write this blog after looking at some of the beautiful blogs that are out there. I dont' know if I have anything to say that is all that wonderful. I do know, however, that there is a lot of conversation that goes on inside of ourselves. I think sometimes the most important things we say are the things that we say only inside of ourselves. Maybe it is good to try to put some of those things on paper.

My son got married a couple of weeks ago!! It was a great wedding. This is my first child to get married. I was so excited to be the Mother of the groom. I don't think I could have been more proud of anything than I was of him at that moment. He chose a beautiful girl to marry. She is beautiful both inside and out. I am proud of his choice. They came to be a few months ago and asked me to make their wedding cake!! I was so happy that they would ask me to do something that important, but I was also scared. I haven't made a wedding cake in 10 years and I have only ever done about 5 of them total. This one was to be made of rolled fondant which I have never done!!! I told them yes, we some reluctance. I have to admit that I was kind of excited to do it, but so scared that it wouldn't turn out to be what they wanted. My other son and I spent 12 hours frosting and leveling and putting the cake together the day before the wedding only to have it begin to colapse. I was just panicked, but I took the tiers apart and waited until the reception to add more dowels and cardboard to put it all back together. I think it looked pretty nice considering that it was a total amateur job. Once it was put together and looking alright, the rest of the wedding was so much fun. I was delighted to be there and see how happy they both looked.

Life is about those people that touch your life. Families and friends. The times that life is the best are those times that we take to spend time with those that we care about. I must say that I count my dogs in the family and friend category too. There is so much unconditional love from them. Does life get better than a day like a wedding of one of the people you love most in the world. Seeing them happy and in love. It was probably one of the most rewarding things I have ever experienced!!!


The Faerykin said...

Hello, congrats on gaining a wonderful daughter-in-law! :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful couple they are!
Handsom and beautiful
groom and bride.

Anonymous said...

You may delete the comment above this comment and this comment, after read it.

Shannalee, Akadia Shelties said...

Wonderful job!
The pictures look great.

Laureate said...

Hi Tricia,

Good for you to take the plunge and post your thoughts, photos. Congratulations on the wedding of your son. The cake looks WONDERFUL...good job!

Look forward to checking in from time to time.
Cheers, Kim

Lacewood Shelties said...

Hi Kim,
Thanks for the kinds words. I think I'm enjoying writing in this blog. Maybe I will be a convert after all.
Have a wonderful day.