Saturday, November 29, 2008

Puppies, Puppies

I have the most beautiful litter here at my house right now. I'm so excited about these puppies. they are by the beautiful BISS Ch. Sea Haven Chasing Moonbeams X BISS Ch. Lacewood Bi Starlight. It is exciting to have these guys here and watch them grow. The hard part is deciding what is best for each of the puppies.

I saw Chase when he was still showing in the classes in California. He was a young dog that did not have a name for himself yet. I fell passionately in love with him the first time I saw him. I have wanted to find a girl that I considered good enough to send to him to be bred. Shannalee sent her beautiful Stinky "Ch. Akadia Totally Intoxicating" to him and was sweet enough to let me have a beautiful blue boy from that litter, but wouldn't you know, he went oversize!! So I was still left hoping to find a girl nice enough to send to him. Well, Luci finished fast and came in season so I decided to drive to San Francisco to breed her to him. That was about 25 hours of driving round trip plus the time there to breed her 3 times. So, you can see, I want to keep my favorite. I think I have decided to keep one of the blue girls. She really interests me. I have considered keeping one of the black girls too, but that is still up in the air. I have pondered on this and worried about it so much that it has made its way into my dreams ----

I dreamt that Tom Coen and Pete C. and Kim A (Laureate) and several other top sheltie breeders were at a party with me. (when I dream I go for the best!!!). I had the two black girls with me and I went up to Pete and Tom and asked them which of the girls I should keep. Tom was just about to tell me what his pick was when I stopped him. I told him that I didn't want Pete to hear his answer, that I wanted his answer to not be influenced by Tom's answer. So, I went to get yellow sticky notes to have them write down their answers. (I guess my dreams can be very specific). When I got the pad of sticky notes, everyone at the party decided that it was a game and they all wanted to play. So I passed out sticky notes to everyone so that they could write down their choice for which black girl to keep. I just gathered all the sticky notes back and was so excited to finally get to see the answer when -- my husband made a noise and woke me up!!! I was devastated that I would never know the answer to my question. Too bad that Tom and Pete and Kim live so far away, or I think I would take the puppies to see them so that I could finally find out the answer to the question!!! LOL

I have had a great time watching this crew grow up. They are as charming as they are beautiful. There is nothing better than puppies to make life worthwhile. I'm pretty sure that I am just puppy struck right now. But I think I'll just enjoy it while it lasts as they are grown and gone way too soon.


D'Gio Shelties said...

Congratulations on your beautiful litter of puppies! You gotta love those AOAC's.

Laureate said...

I love this story! You'll have to have a party and give everyone sticky notes and see what happens!


Lacewood Shelties said...

Thanks Kim,
Wanna come to a party at my house. I have the yellow stickies!!! Bring Pete and Tom and Nioma with you. I need to decide which puppies to keep!!!