Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me !

My birthday was at the beginning of the week and I had the BEST birthday that I remember having in a long time. All of the kids came home to be with me except my one and only daughter who lives in Paris France and I got a nice e-card from her. It was so much fun to have everyone home and to just feel their love for me. Sometimes as the children were young it was hard to tell if they loved me or not, but I am finding as they grow that it becomes more evident that maybe I didn't completely fail at motherhood My husband and boys fixed a very yummy dinner for me of grilled fillets and salad and home made, from scratch, cheese cake. MMMMMMM- It was the perfect day. I have, in the past, been less than enthusiastic about my birthday but this one was the BEST. If they read my blog I want them all to know how much it meant to me to have them come and just "hang out" with me all day. The picture was taken a couple of years ago when everyone was home. I thought all of you out there in Blogger land would enjoy seeing the whole family. And yes, all of those kids are mine!!! I gave birth to each of them. The two old people in the picture are my husband and myself Even Chiku, the parrot, learned to say and SING happy birthday for me.

The puppies are really growing up. They are starting to loose that fluffy puppy look. Their personalities are developing as well. Traci is a little cuddle bug and Jamie is much more independent. I have had so much fun with these two. They can be very naughty, what one doesn't think of the other one does, but they have been a riot to have around. I am enjoying watching them grow and excited for their emergence, kind of like watching a butterfly emerge from its cocoon. I think they will be very lovely when they are grown.


Aspengrove Shelties Fantasias Collies said...

A very happy late Birthday!!!! IM glad you had such a good time and that almost everyone got to come home and see you. My mom had 9 brothers and sisters and my brother has 6 kids It was fun having so many cousins. We were never board.

Josh and Jess said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! Hope your family reads your blog!!! :)

Take care, Josh and Jess

Kathy said...

WOW! That's lots of boys! A belated happy birthday

Jessica Herron said...

nice article. and belated happy birthday.

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