Saturday, January 17, 2009

Puppy Training

The picture above is of "Kari" Mistybrook Curvaceous. She is affectionately called Kari Bear!! She is sired by Ch. Macdega Notorious X Ch. Imagine Dangerous Curves. She is 6 months old now and growing up so nicely. We are so excited about this puppy!!! She has a beautiful head with a lean skull and wonderful planes. She is nicely angulated both front and rear. I can't wait to get her out in the ring. She is also such a sweet puppy and tries so hard to be good. Just a very well behaved sweet puppy. I am so grateful to Jan Williams for parting with her and allowing me to have her. She makes me smile every day.

Now the title of this post is Puppy training so I have to share my cute story with you. Every day we do bait training with the puppies. They all line up to get their cookie and have to be standing just right with all four feet on the floor and watching the cookie. For this exercise we use the word "watch". They are pretty good to remember that they have to stand still and watch until they get their cookie. My husband does this a lot with the puppies as he enjoys giving them cookies. Well, now when the puppies come in and he gets the cookies out the parrot, Chiku, says "Watch". She is really good about remembering to give them the command each and every time they get their cookie. Sometimes we forget the command but Chiku remembers it every time!!! Now if I could only get Chiku to leash break them!!! (you can meet Chiku in an earlier post below!!)


Cool Design Shelties said...

Kari is growing up to be a nice Sheltie and she have brain to :o)


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GeeRome said...

SQUEE! Your blog is just packed full of puppy pics! Thanks for my puppy fix, today! Beautiful dogs.