Sunday, December 14, 2008

Darling Puppy -- Good cause

I have been just a bit sick today with a terrible cold. Haven't felt well all week, but it finally caught up with me and I spent most of the day in bed.
The puppy in the first two pictures are Sven. He is my son Jaron's favorite puppy. He has carried that puppy around since the day they were born. Not long ago a family picked Sven out and he will soon go to his new home. I'm sure it will make Jaron sad as he loves this puppy, but the puppy is going to a really good home and will be a surprise for a man that has cancer. Hopefully he will add joy to a family that is facing difficult times right now. He is an adorable puppy with a darling little personality to go along with his cute looks. For the last week or two Jaron has been putting Sven in this Santa hat and carrying him around. Sven seems to love the attention and just pokes his head up over the top of the hat and watches the goings on. He is so patient with all the attention he gets. Since Sven might leave to go to his new home tomorrow (weather permitting) we thought we would snap a few photos of him before he left. While we were taking photos of Sven we decided to take some of a few others. We had a good time and the dogs seems to enjoy all the attention. All except Kari, the bi black dog in the Santa hat. I think she thought it was pure foolishness.
It was a fun day playing with puppies and recovering from my cold. I hope Sven's new family loves him as much as Jaron does. If they do he will be one lucky sheltie!!

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