Saturday, December 13, 2008

Snow Day!!

The puppies have all been used to being able to go outside and play for several hours during the day. It has been so nice outside. Well the snow has arrived and I have 9 very unhappy puppies in the house right now. I decided to let them go out and see for themselves. They had a blast until they started to get cold. The snow was coming down very hard so they only got to stay outside for a short time. It is cold and miserable. Poor little things are just sad. One of the little brown boys has been howling waiting to go outside again. Hopefully the snow will stop and they can spend a little time out this afternoon. I was actually surprised at how well they did in the snow. They played in it and ate it. The brown boys are only 7 weeks old and the AOAC's are 9 weeks old. I think given the choice they would take the snow over being locked in the house. When it stops snowing it will be a little warmer I think.

I have been dreading the day that they can't have time outside, but hopefully everyone will get to go to their new homes soon where they can play in the house. It is just impossible to have 9 puppies running around my house. They are very good to go potty outside as long as they get taken out every hour or two. They are so funny to watch, isn't it cute how they just take what ever comes their way and are happy with it. I think I need to be more like that. One puppy is already gone to her new home, it is hard to see them go really, I have really enjoyed these little guys.

They all think they are so grown up. Many of them can go up and down the deck stairs. They are really turning in to quite the little pack. So cute and playful. They all want all the attention. It has been a fun adventure. As I look outside now, there is about 4 new inches and still snowing. Guess their next adventure into the snow will be even deeper, although I shoveled the deck before I put them out this time.

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