Thursday, December 18, 2008

Funny Bird

We have an African Grey parrot at our house. Her name is Chiku, which means Chatter in an African language. She puts a unique perspective on things. She talks up a storm and makes up her own phrases from the words she knows. It is really almost scary to hear her talk. She can imitate me being on the phone. She beeps to dial the numbers, then says hello, or she rings just like the phone and then says hello. Then she'll say "uh huh, ok, yes, I see, ok, oh my gosh!, uh huh, alright, bye bye" then she'll beep to hang the phone up. I know exactly what I sound like on the phone now. I know this is funny for everyone that hears it, but it is a little disconcerting to me to hear her imitate my phone calls!! She knows how to say several of the dogs' names. She yells at "Brock" for barking. "Brock!!!, NO BARK!!!" she yells. She calls Draco. Today she learned Kari's name.

She loves the puppies and if you bring a puppy in where she is, she'll say "Look at the puppy, it's such a cute puppy", "Look at the cute, cute puppy, Chiku". If the puppies start to cry she will join in, she sounds more like a puppy crying than the puppies do. Sometimes I come running to see what is wrong with a puppy and it is just Chiku doing her puppy imatation. She also barks very well. Most of our dogs are bark softened, but not Chiku, she barks better than most of the dogs.

Now the funny part is she changes the things, we teach, her to her own liking. For instance we taught her to say Peek-a-boo. She changed it to Chika-boo. (she can say it properly but she prefers to always put her name in everything she can). My husband taught her to say "What's up doc?". Well Chiku's version is "What's up Brock?". She has been saying "Merry Christmas a lot for the Christmas season. She actually learned it last year, but picked it up again very fast this year. Richard, my husband has her saying "Merry Christmas, ho ho ho". Well, she has a new version after today. Now it is "Kari Christmas".

What a funny little bird. She certainly keeps things interesting around here. Everyone I talk to on the phone spends more time eaves dropping on what Chiku is talking about than what I am talking about. She entertains everyone. I have even had people from businesses I am talking to break out into laughter and ask me if I have a bird. She starts a lot of conversations about birds. If you want to be entertained just call sometime and she'll surely put on a show for you. Until then--- Kari Christmas to all and a very Happy Chiku year!!!!

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Shannalee, Akadia Shelties said...

oh that bird is a hoot! She keeps me laughing,, even in serious times. It is amazing how much she knows!